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Indian Education System: Books or Beyond


The most common phrase which we all have heard while growing up is “Get good marks if you want a good future.” The existence of our careers is totally dependent on how well we mug up textbooks. Our abilities and the opportunities childhood gives us to explore are outrightly denied by the education board. Even though many changes have been implemented over the past decade to make the curriculum more student-friendly, the pressure over children has managed to sustain. Thanks to the extreme importance given to marks in judging a student’s intelligence.


Outstanding performance in academics has been limited to scoring well in periodic tests, half-yearly and annual examinations. The only thing students gain from studying so hard is good grades. Knowledge, applications, and implementation is sidelined in this race for the top scorer of the session. Skill-based education is nowhere to be seen, although talked and discussed a lot. Hollow promises of relieving the students of stress and providing them career oriented syllabus are never fulfilled. Although the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has done away with the practice of measuring percentage in exams and introduced the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, the schools have made the CGPA a measure to decide the aptitude of students. They distribute streams after 10th standard based on what they score. Performing and learning well have only one meaning in the Indian education system, i.e. becoming the topper of the class. 


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The condition of state board affiliated schools is far worse, and in the government schools, the ones who teach first need to be taught. Dreams and desires to achieve are left buried under the incompetent teaching styles and incomplete knowledge the teachers have. Is this how the education board plans to nurture the country’s future? Increasingly designing a system where the students are made to compete, common entrance tests are only making students fight for their seats in good colleges. The two years of secondary education are the ones where students develop an interest in their fields. But instead of making them interested, the system forces them in an unnecessary battle where many lose their lives due to failure. Being spoon fed the concept that not being able to secure a seat in top colleges will snatch their chances at a better future; students make this a question of life and death. Failure in these examinations makes them depressed and distorts the self-image which an individual carries. The increasing number of student suicides is evidence enough of the education system’s failure in providing a solution.


But if the education system is not benefitting the students, for whom is it working? Seeing the current scenario of the country, the ones who are enjoying it are the coaching institutes. Charging unregulated fees from aspirants, preparation institutes do a great job at killing the aspirations. Pressurizing the students to outperform each other, the concept of contributive studying has been eradicated by competitive studying. Students now think twice before helping each other with studies, because sharing knowledge is seen as sharing the secret of winning. Maybe this system is creating geniuses, but what about the humans it is killing. The utmost goal of education should be teaching humanity, and India is failing to achieve it.


But who is to be blamed? Is it only the education system? But if its only task is to work for the future of students, why is it not being able to achieve it? The pressure on students is indirectly the result of pressure on the education board to serve the corrupt and the wealthy. The current reforms have introduced skill-based education in many fields like agriculture technology, artificial intelligence, etc. But will these be able to work the way they should? Or will they go down the expectations like all the others?


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