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Are You Socially Active or Socially Present..?


The word social has gained new dimensions with time. The first meaning that comes to the minds of today's generation youth is social media. Our social lives have come at a standstill but the timelines of our social media handles continue to grow. The number of Facebook friends increase exponentially while real-life friends are declining. Each one of us is so busy scrolling the feeds and tapping the stories that we forget to glance at the people by our sides. Socializing has become showing-off. We know everything about a ‘friend' from a different corner of the country or world and would even forget the existence of the ones sitting beside us. With the current hype is given to social media staying online has become a trend, and uploading every detail of life necessity. We have developed a new coping mechanism for our loneliness, forgetting that we gave rise to it in the first place.


We think social media is the Google of human relationships. We look for friendships, and often romantic relationships on online platforms. This behavior echoes the loneliness and social anxiety of this generation. We have led ourselves into this abyss by forgetting what face to face human interaction feels like. Meeting plans have transformed to conference calls which are decided on group chats. Real connections are fading. The internet transfers messages at the speed of 1 Gbps, but human emotions get lost somewhere in the process.

Here are some ways to transform your living from being socially active to being socially present –


1. Decrease your screen time

When we are always in touch of our phones, we are bound to use the options it provides of connecting to others. However, if we will keep ourselves away from our phones or other devices, it would automatically decrease our online presence. For once, let unknown people wait for responses instead of ignoring the ones in front of you, actually.


2. Make calls instead of messages

Texts and chats give an undue advantage of presenting yourself by planning and thinking. Calls invade the possibility of calculated response and you can feel the rawness of response. This helps in identifying the trueness of a person. Also, everything real when expressed makes everything better. It will give rise to better relationships.


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3. Do not isolate yourself

With everything concisely present in our phones, we tend to believe that it makes our world. However, it only comprises a part of it. And we should give it a smaller chunk of our seemingly limited time. Move out of this small part and explore the possibilities around you. Potential friends surround you all the time. You just have to take off your eyes from the mobile screen.


4. Use social media wisely

Social media has its own pros and cons. It is up to you to use it for the benefit of mankind. Share positivity instead of looking for partners in your loneliness. This is a powerful tool which should be given the power to create and not destroy. Current use guarantees the destruction of human connection at the individual level, attempting to establish an image at the mass level. This will lead to a decline in the happiness index of mankind.

People are judged by what they post, what they follow, and by whom and how many they are followed. Do we really think this is the right index to measure a person’s soul and heart? The impressions on our mind should be of people’s actions and not their post engagements. In an attempt to create a family out of the world, we have forgotten the family for whom we mean the world. Let’s alter the course of human connections and change where we are heading, and we will find peace and happiness.


By - Malvika Kushwaha


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