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How to deal with Break-ups ?


Heartbreak  has become an epidemic. Since we are more open to options, there is certainly a higher risk of choosing the wrong one. Love has become a game of trial and error, which has definitely enhanced our experiences; but also increased their number. But whenever a relationship comes to an end, we fail to look what lies beyond it. Sometimes the heartbreaks are mutual, sometimes one-sided. And both of them hurt.

After suffering the loss of love, we are often distraught and distracted, not being able to see the other good things that are still in our lives. We fail to recognize that going of something means more space, which we can fill the way we like. And even though mourning and crying for the loss is needed, dwelling in it for long is unnecessary.

Here are some tips which you can follow to hold your mind from going back to dead love -


1. Never blame yourself

What has happened could be your fault, but remember that it takes two to tango. Don't constantly see your own faults and ignore the ones committed by your ex-partner. Just because the outcome is hurting doesn't mean that it was you who lacked the efforts.


2. See the bright side

Although it is said that love is the light of life, it does not necessarily have to come from others. Love yourself more; so that it becomes enough to make you forget the need of love from your ex.


3. Forgive and forget

If you are sure that the fault was your partner’s, then learn to let go. It might be very difficult to accept an unsaid apology. But it is more difficult to hope for it endlessly, especially when some part of you knows that it will never come.


4. Understand the situation

If the break up was mutual, the reason would be based on circumstances and understanding of both individuals. Keep yourself calm and analyze how the decision was for making both lives better.


5. Talk to a friend

We often feel alone and tend to think that there is no one left beside us. We forget that our friends are always there. Talk to a trusted friend about how you feel. This would help you get the thoughts straight and put your feelings in a better light.


6. Fill the gap

When someone leaves, it creates a void in our lives. The problem grows when we do not fill this gap and continue to think about the past and good times. The good times have not ended, only the way to live them is different, which you can restore by doing something you love, your hobby or your passion.


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7. Move On

Moving on doesn’t necessarily mean that you start a new relationship soon after you leave the previous one. Moving on means to survive the loss and feel whole once again on your own, without needing to be shown affection from someone else.


8. Don’t stay stuck

Once a good relationship comes to an end, we feel that we will never find love again; or that we do not deserve it. But, there’s someone out there waiting for you. A little better, a little more loving and the best one for you. All you have to do is not lose hope.


9. Don’t make love your life

Love life is just a part of your life, like the other aspects of career and family in it. It is important to give everything its due place. Don’t let a break in your love life affect other parts. Carry on with it gracefully and stop looking for love. It will find you when the time is right.

Take time to look beyond the loss, and you will find life smiling at you with open arms. Embrace the love you get, instead of looking for love that you never found. We all come to this world with our share of love, which will come to us when we are ready.


By - Malvika Kushwah


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