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Build A Fulfilling Modern Relationship


The younger generation is infamous for the way it treats love. The youth is blamed for treating love as a child's play. But let us understand the real reason behind this generation's cycle of love, heartbreak, moving on and love again. In today's world, it is not hard to discover a partner, but the real challenge lies in staying with the same.


Here are some red flags which you should identify and address in time to stabilize your relationship-


1. Lack of Interest 

Both partners can start to lose interest in each other over time. It has been happening since time immemorial, but the difference between now and then is of the available options. Nowadays our lives are flooded with people. When we come to know all about our partner, other people and their lives start becoming more attractive. We seek opportunity everywhere and newness catches our eye.


2. Social Media

Comparison leads to discontent. Social media makes other couples and their love lives appear all glittery, while the spice and all things nice missing from our own. Relationships should be based on the two people and their interests, and not the standards which social media portrays. Valentine’s week is one such example where one of two people in love can be affected by the media norms and become dissatisfied.


3. Ineffective Prioritization

Priorities matter. People have so many things to do and so much to achieve that love often gets neglected and pushed away to the side. You think love will stay, while you are busy building high scores in new games and trying not to miss out on anything. This destroys the connection you had established with your partner. Modern love is a hotspot which disables any connection that has been inactive for long.


4. Expectations

With too many people available to listen to our woes and the expectation from our partner to always be the first one, we forget that their own lives are important too. We often fail to understand that staying connected 24/7 is neither healthy nor possible. Reliability is not the basis of relationship; making each other independent is the fundamental of it.


With so many challenges, successful relationships still survive all pangs of time and inconsistencies. But modern relationships require different kinds of efforts. Here are some tips to make your love always stay –


1. Never let your partner feel alone. If you’re busy, make sure that you let him/her know about it. If urgency is unavoidable, give clear and genuine reasons; never excuses. While working on new priorities, explain the importance. Balance is the key.


2. If you feel the spark fading, tell your partner. Don’t make conclusions in your own mind and give results. The relationship is a building both have built stone by stone. Don’t take the decision to destroy it without consulting.


3. Spend time together. Once there is nothing left to know about each other, the reasons to meet or chat can disappear. Talk anyway, about your day or your work. It makes the other one feel special and important.


4. Always try to bring joy and happiness in each other's life. If your partner is unhappy about something; don't ignore the issue. Talk about it and resolve.


5. The old-age saying of not going to bed with a fight still works. It is in sleep that our subconscious overthinks, and sometimes sleepless nights can spoil the next day’s love too. 


6. Times occur when annoyance towards your partner would increase. Maybe he or she is facing a rough day or week at work or is having other issues to resolve. Always be kind and understanding. Remember why you chose to love this human in the first place.


7. Never hide things. If there is something going on, tell your partner even if it's not related to your love life. This would help them empathize and become more understanding of your situation.


8. Don’t let anger fog up the love. Humans become angry, but when the clouds fade we realize our mistakes too. Apologies over ego can save your relationship under all circumstances.


9. Don’t forget to over love; because even if it makes us vulnerable, love will never be enough.



By - Malvika Kushwah


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