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Where does our unhappiness come from..?


According to WHO, 322 million people in the world are suffering from depression! As per NMHS in India, one in 20 people over 18 years of age have ever suffered (at least once in their lifetime) from depression amounting to a total of over 45 million persons with depression. These statistics are exponentially increasing day by day, hour by hour. But the standard of living of the world’s population has been rising globally. People are achieving more goals, setting new targets and every other day a new genius is born out of us. Then what is responsible for cultivating the negativity, the depression amongst the people.


If we look at current scenarios, the world is advancing to become a better place. We are constantly updated with stories from around the world which show how a certain person has achieved so much. How someone aged 14 turned into a billionaire. How most of the people of our age are doing better than us in all spheres of life. And the one way through which we obtain all this news is – Social Media. It has greatly impacted our lives by showing us the greener grass, which is always on the other side. Social media claims to take you to the top. But in reality, it has just given you ways to look at yourself as the one lagging behind. This world filled with successes makes you look at your little progress as a failure. While being bombed with success stories and new feats, there is nobody talking about the failures. There is no one advertising their rough path, only showcasing their shiny destinations.


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Humans invented mediums of noise, while everything this world needed was a little peace. Every small act of stepping up is glorified, and every little fall is made to look like the deadliest mistake ever made. This has led a massive change in self-image of the people. They no longer appreciate themselves. Even though the generation today is achieving much more than people did few years ago, the picture of contentment has been deleted from everyone’s social media accounts. Competitions, challenges, the hunger to gain more, the vision to be at the top; all this has made people blind to the one basic image, the image of one’s own path. Social media has made people forget that everyone’s journey is different.


Focusing on narrating the best of our lives while hiding away everything that doesn’t look good on our Facebook and Instagram profiles, we feel shame in accepting very common mistakes. Because social media has eradicated the notion that mistakes are common. The number of life coaches, relationship advisors, motivational speakers, and anyone who makes people realize their worth is at its peak. Because social media has made people forget their own value. We are so busy analyzing other people’s lives that we have no time left for our own. Keep aside your phones, and try to stay away from it. After some time, anxiety about what’s going on in the world, what your friends and family are doing, what are you missing, etc. will start setting in. Just remember that this is the negativity setting in.


Therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and all mental health --activists advise that screen time should be reduced and humans should spend more time with nature and with loved ones. This is how we will realize how small a part of the universe we actually are. And how tiny are our problems. Social media makes us believe that we are all heroes and any act against our erected image will make us a villain. It makes us believe that all our actions matter to the world. But we first need to save ourselves; we first have to be our own hero. And save ourselves from social media driven comparison. Then only we will realize that our grass can be green too, only if we stop looking at other’s garden and water our own.


By - Malvika Kushwah


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