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Education or Passion: The BALANCE


Balance is the keyword which we search for all our lives. With inefficient education systems that fail to recognize a student’s worth, most of the youth today is standing at the diversion: two roads diverging in a yellow wood. The choice of ‘the dead beaten track’ or ‘the one less traveled by’ bugging their minds. Here are the factors that would help you eliminate this indecision and arrive the conclusion: The Balance.


1. Passion within education

If your passion collides with your education, then focusing on both simultaneously would be the most profitable choice. If you are a student of business academics, and dream of owning a startup, there is no harm in devoting yourself to studies to get better returns later on. If it is the grades that trouble you, remember that no war is easy, and in this one, an alliance is the best way out. Study more effectively, and study with interest. You can prefer devoting more time to the subjects that are directly connected to your field of interest.


2. Level of compromise

The above scenario is not complicated; however when there is no parallel path between your passion and education; decide the risk factor. What can be compromised? Can your bachelor’s degree be compromised for some wild adventure of yours in Alaskan land? Or more commonly, are you ready to sacrifice a settled life having a 9 to 5 job for years of struggle as a freelance writer? Decide what drives you, but do not ignore the education that is sitting beside you on the passenger seat. It might be a good navigator!


3. Do what makes you happy, really?

The above statement has been overused and overrated. Doing what makes us happy is an approach to instant gratification. However, in the long run, one should prefer being happy with what one does. The second one is the most rational, logical and acceptable way of living. If ignoring your education for solving Rubik’s cubes is your plan, abort it. This might make you happy for an instant, but later in time you’ll look back and see how doing meager tasks for happiness has made your own life a puzzle.


4. Planning

This is certainly the most important factor in achieving balance. Plan how you can devote time to both: passion and education. Time management has never failed anyone. Polish skills required by your passion, while giving significant time to your education. You can take two cars at destinations if you just know which one to drive when. If photography excites you, go on excursions and explorations, but avoid them during the examinations. Planning will help you achieve all your goals, without flunking at any of the subjects.


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5. Analyzing the why’s

Sometimes our educational and passion preferences originate not from our choices, but from the ones that surround us. Analyze and check which one of them is a result of peer pressure. If you are surrounded by a group which loves to travel, chances are you might want to take up a similar hobby. Or if most of your friends are inclined towards the study of plants and not machines, you might forget that you were interested in the latter. If you have no innate desire in either your passion or your education, understand why you chose it in the first place. If your choices are rather influences, it is time that you find the one that you are really made for.


There is no magic door to assured success, only stairs that you can climb. The balance lies in understanding which fleet of stairs your feet are made to climb on.

Behold the scenario. 

Analyze your performance. 

Lose in unnecessary competitions. 

Adapt to losses.

Nurture your assets.

Choose your fights.

Evolve and win.

 Achieve the BALANCE


By - Malvika Kushwah


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