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SAVERS - Technique to save your day


All of us think and plan a lot about having a productive day. But all our to-do lists fail when the beginning of our day doesn’t go well. We wake up to the alarms, snooze them and repeat this cycle until we get late for all our other tasks. This sets in motion a vicious cycle which is hard to escape. But now you can accomplish all your tasks without being caught up. Here is the SAVERS technique which would help you have a productive day, every day.


1. S - Silence

If you are to have a busy day ahead in which you find no peace, it becomes very important to get the daily dose of silence early in the morning. Meditation, prayer, deep breathing, yoga etc, are some exercises that can help you achieve the calm. This calmness will be with you for the entire day. It would help you in soothing your nerves and temper whenever a critical situation arises.


2. A - Affirmations

The first thoughts of the day decide the path your consciousness will follow for the next 24 hours. It is necessary that these thoughts are positive and encouraging. Repeat to yourself a certain set of motivating thoughts. Empower your own self with words that inspire you. It would give you the energy to face the day ahead and not be tricked by a short period of dullness. You will carry your light within you.


3. V - Visualization

The best way to turn our thoughts to reality is to imagine it. If we can visualize ourselves doing a certain work, then we can surely perform that in reality. The mind finds ways to enforce our thoughts subconsciously. Visualization gives the mind an impression that everything is possible. Imagine yourself succeeding at the task you have planned, and you will find the strength for it.


4. E - Exercise

After the night, the body becomes lethargic and the state of inertia doesn’t want us to move. Therefore it becomes important to set the body in motion and awaken the resting organs. The exercises don’t have to be extremely tiring; they just have to be enough to restart the body mechanisms. Light running, some stretching positions, or even a few push-ups could drive your day to success.


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5. R - Reading

Sometimes when positive thoughts are difficult to be generated by our own mind, reading some positive thoughts helps. It becomes the key to having a nice day, which otherwise would have become useless trapped in the cage of your negativity. Read a few pages of a self help book, or a favorite quote that gives you inspiration. It will not only give you a better outlook, but also help you see how easy it is to change your mind’s negative direction.


6. S - Scribe

Scribe means to write. You can quickly write whatever positivity you have gained from the above exercises on a notepad or a piece of paper. Carry this with you at all times during the day. Whenever you seem to deviate from the action plan you have made, just have a look at this. It would generate an energetic effect by reminding you of all the activities you did in morning. You will get back on track.


The best thing about the very famous SAVERS technique is that you don’t have to spend hours practicing it. All you need is to give around 2 minutes to each of the six tasks. In 15 minutes you will be all set to win the day. Once this technique becomes a habit, success will become a part of your life.


By - Malvika Kushwah


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